Alex B


Adelaide's positive attitude and passion for fitness is always a source of inspiration. 10/ 10 would recommend.

Annabel W


Adelaide is a great coach who offers unprecedented support, professionalism and dedication to her clients. Her tailor-made meal plans not only transformed my body, they also reshaped my misconceptions of nutrition. Her constant motivation helped me stay focused and made the journey easy and enjoyable; I now have more confidence than ever. 

Subeida A


Adelaide is a fantastic coach! She is very motivational and is well-versed in her field. She helped me incorporate simple and long-lasting changes into my diet and behaviour. As a result, I’m now more informed and conscious about what works for my body. Adelaide showed me how patience and consistency can help me become a leaner, healthier and happier version of myself.

Nathan A


Adelaide White is an inspiration. Through her kind and patient efforts, she motivated me to be more loving and accepting toward my mind, my body and my spirit. Today, I eat, think and live better thanks to her help. I feel incredibly lucky to know her. She is a wonderful, giving soul who can do the same for you.

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